why does Mary always seem expressionless in the anime?
she tends to look happier in manga or mv though

dat kagepro reference

is it just me who thinks that their relationship is kinda cute?

Ayano with yosei-dan

riifiea asked:
I WAS LATE BUT haaaaaaaaaappy (belated) birthdaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy (σ´-ω-`)σ

aaa thank you so much rii *A*

Reading Baby Steps recently. It’s better than what I expected. Ei-chan the main chara is so precious/

thank you for accompaying me for these 3,5 years

My friend and me’s attitude while watching the raids 2. Too much laughing that we don’t even follow the plot
I’m sorry. It’s a great action movie anyways if you don’t really think much about how the plot is going on. Actually I stiil prefer its precedessor. 

mysteriousweirdo asked:
OTPs in Kagepro?

My OTP is quite mainstream

1. Kano x Kido 


2. Hibi x Momo


3. Kuro x Mary


4. Shin x Kido



5. Shin x Taka


drawing this cleared up my gloomy mood a bit
recently I rarely upload pencil artwork because portable scanner is not so convenience to use :/